Jupiter Education Consultants (JEC)

JEC has two business arms. One arm caters to the corporate world with educating and coaching for:

  • Effective management (mid-level and Jr managers)
  • Leadership coaching (Senior management)
  • High Impact Communication (All levels)
  • Working with different business culture points of view (All levels)
  • Effective negotiations, Strategy, CoE etc. (Mid & Senior Management)

The other arm of JEC caters to International College Admissions, particularly focused on North Americas expanding into UK/Australia, and more specifically in helping parents and students identify the colleges that offer the most “value” for the money.

Over the course of working with parents and students since 2018, we have come to realize the college admissions process is complicated and anxious parents often don’t know where or how to get started. We have sought to demystify a lot of the college decision process, so the aspiring students can focus on what matters – academic rigor, essays etc while parents can work with us to understand the nuances of financing their child’s college education.

Colleges where we have advised/ are advising clients on securing admissions and scholarships include:

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